Publishing Overview

This is where it all comes together! The peak of FrameMaker’s tactical advantage in tech comm is project management and digital publishing. This week you’ll see how we collect all the content for a project into a book file, create chapter and book TOCs, mark entries for a generated index, and push the entire project out to PDF, Help, and just about any other format you can think of.

You’ve already done the legwork to make this all come together, so look forward to seeing a cohesive final project, with easily updatable content and formatting.

Specifically, we’ll cover:

  • Creating and managing book files
  • Defining tables of contents
  • Indexes and index markers
  • Print, PDF, and Electronic Publishing, including more detail on the Help/EPUB/mobile publishing process
  • Overview of PDF review cycle, commenting features in Reader
  • Creating PDF for import, and automatically updating FrameMaker content from the PDF comments
  • Reintroduction of digital publishing

After this section you'll be comfortable managing FrameMaker content and appreciate the merits of a template-based workflow.

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