Formatting the physical EDD file

Congratulations on completing your EDD!

You've fully completed defining your Element Definition Document, and created (basically) the template that is used for my Authoring Structured Content course.

You have the option of using the easier-to-read EDD I supplied earlier for your own work, both in this course and for your organization. The necessary file downloads are in the previous lecture.

You also have the option of replacing the formats and element definitions in an existing EDD with the formats and element definitions of my modified EDD.

To "upgrade" your EDD, download the files supplied below (you may have already downloaded the doc) and do the following:

  • IMPORTANT: Back up your existing EDD file(s)!!! This EDD and template file are provided AS-IS, with NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OF FITNESS. You alone are responsible for everything you do to your EDD and your workflow!
  • Use File>Import>Formats to import all of the unstructured components like paragraph styles and master pages from into your existing EDD
  • Use File>Import>Element Definitions to import the Element Catalog from into a copy of your EDD to improve color coding and gain other similar advantages

**Even if you won't be using my modified files, you can make your EDD editing much more pleasant by maxing out the size of the master page text frame, and making a global font change to all catalog entries to a sans serif font for improved readability on your monitor.

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